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クライム・ワークス長崎工場 竣工式

2020年10月14日 株式会社クライム・ワークス長崎テクニカルセンター(長崎県大村市)の竣工式が行われました。当日は大村市長が出席された他、地元メディアからも取材頂きました。本格稼働は2021年1月の予定です。

On October 14, 2020, the completion ceremony of Climb Works Nagasaki Technical Center (Omura City, Nagasaki Prefecture) was held. The ceremony was attended by the mayor of Omura City and was also covered by the local media. Full-scale operation is scheduled for January 2021.


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The next generation automotive parts, such as hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, tend to be highly difficult to produce due to their non-existent functions and usage environment requirements, and since they are still in the early stages of market penetration, they are produced in small quantities. At NC Network Factory, we use our network of 18,000 manufacturing companies to select the best processing methods, materials, production technologies, and production equipment based on the customer’s requirements and priorities. We will respond to manufacturing at the lowest possible cost.

また自動車の電動化に伴い、モーター、バッテリー、VCU(Vehicle Control Unit)の需要が伸びております。NCネットワークファクトリーではまだ市場が未成熟だった時代から、スタートは総削り部品から供給を開始しました。市場の伸びとともに、より量産性のある工法に変化しております。ダイカスト、グラビティ金型鋳造、砂型鋳造など、高品位のアルミ鋳造技術により、薄肉軽量化、高強度化をサポートします。また、モーターシャフト、ステータなど、鍛造、プレスと加工、研磨を組み合わせた部品供給も行っております。近年は、鋳造+鍛造という形状は複雑な鋳造形状でいながら、物性は鍛造の強度と水素などの気体が漏れない気密性を両立させる工法に取り組んでおります。

The demand for motors, batteries, and VCUs (Vehicle Control Units) has been growing along with the electrification of automobiles, and the NC Network Factory started supplying parts from scratch when the market was still immature. As the market has grown, we have shifted to more mass-producible methods. High-grade aluminum casting technologies such as die casting, gravity mold casting, and sand casting support thinner, lighter, and stronger products. We also supply motor shafts, stators, and other parts that combine forging, pressing, machining, and polishing. In recent years, we have been working on a method of casting and forging that combines the strength of forging with airtightness to prevent leakage of hydrogen and other gases, while maintaining the complex shape of casting.




NCネットワーク 加工事業部門を分社化・事業拡大へ


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