NCネットワークファクトリー 始動!

NCネットワークファクトリー 始動!

NCネットワークファクトリー(旧 株式会社 NCネットワーク 加工事業部)は、試作加工部品、量産加工部品、金型・治具・生産設備およびその部品などの調達支援サービスを行っています。また、完成品組立、モジュール組立、EMS電子機器製造サービスなどの生産委託をしていただくことも可能です。



NC Network Factory (formerly NC Network Corporation, Manufacturing Division) provides procurement support services for prototype machined parts, mass-produced machined parts, molds, jigs, production equipment and their parts. We can also provide outsourced production services such as finished product assembly, module assembly, and EMS electronic device manufacturing services.

Using the vast database of over 15,000 EMIDAS members in the manufacturing industry as a base, NC Network Factory acts as a contact point for orders and provides services in areas that are difficult for customers to procure from their existing suppliers alone (such as stable procurement in terms of quality and cost while mass-producing small quantities, new parts used in next-generation automobiles, new fields such as CASE compliance, new materials, etc.) through corporate collaboration regardless of industry or region.

Our main business is the production of prototypes, development parts, and mass-produced parts for major automobile and electronics manufacturers, but in recent years we have also been focusing on supporting the manufacturing activities of start-up companies in the medical, IoT, environmental, and space industries.