Archives 4月 2024

展示会ご来場いただき誠にありがとうございました Thank you very much for visiting our exhibition!

NCネットワークファクトリーは、2024年1月24日(水)~26日(金)に自動車部品&加工EXPO、2024年2月28日(水)~3月1日(金)にSMART ENERGY WEEK H2&FC水素燃料電池展へ出展いたしました。
NC Network Factory exhibited at the Automotive Components & Processing EXPO from January 24 (Wed.) to 26 (Fri.), 2024, and at the SMART ENERGY WEEK H2 & FC Hydrogen Fuel Cell Expo from February 28 (Wed.) to March 1 (Fri.), 2024.

NCネットワークファクトリーの「挑戦する製造業」ネットワークを駆使しての新技術、過去の実績部品(出展許可頂いてるもののみ)を展示させて頂きました。We exhibited new technologies and parts (only those with permission to exhibit) made with the NC Network Factory’s “Challenging Manufacturing” network.

SMART ENERGY WEEK H2&FC水素燃料電池展は大羽精研株式会社株式会社ハードコート
株式会社クライム・ワークスと共同出展いたしました。We exhibited jointly with the following companies. Automotive Parts & Fabricated Parts EXPO – Di Nikko Engineering Co Ltd. Climb Works Inc. SMART ENERGY WEEK H2 & FC Hydrogen Fuel Cell Expo – OHBA Seiken Co Ltd. , Hard Coat Co Ltd. Climb Works Inc.


In cooperation with our partner companies, we will strive to create new products that are useful to society and contribute to stable production. We are sure that there are some points that we did not fully explain on the day, so please feel free to contact us for further information.